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taricalmcacil ([personal profile] taricalmcacil) wrote2010-03-25 07:22 pm

100 Chances Fic

Theme: 5. In the Beginning
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taricalmcacil
Rating: FRC
Genre: Drabble
Words: 119
Summary: He was annoying at first.

He wasn’t sure what Starfleet had been thinking sending him such an inexperienced and naïve young doctor. The man was an annoyance at best, and could barely talk to a superior officer without stuttering. And then the reports came in regarding the injuries on the promenade. Odo’s gave the distinct impression that he would be afraid to cross the young man in a medical emergency, the Bajoran nurses indicated awe over his professionalism. From that day on, the doctor fascinated him. He paid him careful mind doing everything in his power to learn what made him tick. He wasn’t sure when it happened, but eventually Ben Sisko couldn’t imagine life on DS9 without Julian Bashir to make it brighter.

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