taricalmcacil: (Jules)
taricalmcacil ([personal profile] taricalmcacil) wrote2010-03-25 06:34 pm

100 Chances Fic

Theme: 2. In Dreary Times
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taricalmcacil
Rating: FRC
Genre: Drabble
Words: 105
Summary: The release of the Biomemtric Gel hits close to home.

Ben didn’t expect it to hurt that much. He knew of course, that it had to be done, knew that biomemetric gel was occasionally a necessary evil, but he didn’t expect Bashir’s disappointment in him to be so painful.

He had looked betrayed, no doubt remembering his near death at the hands of the Lethean over a miniscule amount of the gel. Ben supposed he had every right to feel that betrayal. He just couldn’t adjust to the fact that he had destroyed any trust Bashir had ever held in him by ignoring his recommendation. And with it, any chance they could have had together.

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