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Fic: The Elevator

This ficlet was written for Crimeland Case 7, Challenge 32: Favorite Scene. Tag to CM 3x03, the elevator scene. Interestingly, most of this fic comes from first hand experience, very similar to that seen in the episode.

Title: The Elevator
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taricalmcacil
Genre: Character Study?
Rating: FRC
Words: 299
Characters: Derek Morgan
Summary: Derek Morgan used to like elevators.

He never used to fear elevators. In fact, in days gone by, he enjoyed them. Not that he would ever tell Reid, but he once thought that sensation of shifting gravity was cool.

Since the incident though…even the newest, best maintained elevators made him nervous. Single rider or in a group, they always left a knot in his stomach. The team found it hilarious that he could stare down an unsub without flinching, but preferred to take the stairs if he didn’t have to climb more than four stories. Even Reid teased him about it, and the kid had been just as scared as he was.

He still remembered that moment with perfect clarity. The blind panic that took control as the box jolted. The way the enclosed space was suddenly far too warm for human comfort. The exact second the halted elevator ceased to be a joke and became a series of falling nightmares to rival those of Buford.

It was the knowledge that his life was no longer in his hands, that it was dependent on a few metal cables and set of gears that were probably older than he was. You couldn’t talk down those cables when they were threatening to drop you, couldn’t rely on careful training. He had no control on that day, was terrified of losing it again. The only thing that could possibly rival the fear he felt in that elevator, was the elation he felt when the doors opened, Hotch’s voice in his ears.

No, he no longer cared for elevators. Nearly falling to his death once was enough. The team could jest all they wanted. And if they ever ended up in the same situation, he’d be waiting to help them to safety. And later, he’d be the one teasing.

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