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"The children waved multicolored flags!"

So this is dreamwidth. Interesting. I'm still adjusting to the settings and all, but for the most part, not bad. I think my time on LJ helps with that, at least. Personally, I think I prefer LJ based on overall layout. I feel the homepage there makes things much easier to access. But, I'm still learning, so who knows?

Ii think I shall now go community hunting. And then maybe teach myself some the html coding. Perhaps my friends from LJ could answer questions?

1) How do user tags and cuts differ from ljs?
2) is the imaging code still [img src="..."/]
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This FAQ pretty much goes over all the DW-specific coding:


Images are still the same, since that's just plain HTML!

It says you like horses, so I recommend peeking at [personal profile] redroanchronicles--she takes really good horse pictures.
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DW have chosen to stick to some older methods of cutting and tagging, where LJ have updated a bit. (LJ annoyed me with those updates and I love DW for not going with it.)

Also, YAY! You're here!! *Tacklehugs*
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Oh! Almost forgot! Come join [community profile] cardassians ! Not much happening there yet, but we shall bring DS9 to DW! YES WE SHALL!