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DDOS Attack

LJ has been undergoing another DDOS attack. I seem to be able to get on fairly well at the moment, so hopefully it's coming to a close. Here's some info translated from the Cyrillic site, as they haven't posted anything in English yet. It appears the entire site was the focus, not just specific bloggers this time.

Sorry if it's somewhat difficult to read, I just ran it through google translator. I don't actually know Cyrillic.

"After a crash, July 25, 2011 LiveJournal regained his job, but for a number of users and services on the site still can not work properly. DDoS-attack did not lead to a breach of integrity or a loss of already published content.

"Does not work even reserve a console that would allow us to somehow understand what's happening with the network hardware (in this case the user data is still protected because of Architecture LiveJournal), so the only source of information for us and other clients have been the site providers, - said Ilya Dronov, Director of Product Development LiveJournal. - Later he was up and running DDoS Mitigation Protocol, based on which it became evident that the traffic in our direction, averaged around 6 gigabits at peak levels of 8-gigabit (remember, in past times he was about 2 gigabits per peak), which, apparently, a ceiling for Qwest and Verizon in this area. "

Attacks continue and at the moment, LiveJournal indexing by search engines is temporarily closed, resulting in delays in the appearance of fresh entries in the search results. Separately, we note that the recipients are not popular DDoS bloggers, the attackers are attacking IP service, thus, an attack aimed at LiveJournal as a whole. As we have noted in previous attacks, we have installed high-efficiency equipment, after the attacks in March and April, we purchased and installed additional hardware, software and increased bandwidth, which helped to counter a much larger loads, but now the attackers have changed tactics and impact on supplier relations.

All owners of the paid accounts that are active during the period of DDoS-attacks on LiveJournal, will be offset by lost time - the compensation to be announced.

The company's specialists are working to resolve the problems, we apologize for any inconvenience. We thank the users for their patience and hope for your understanding."